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Syntax files for EditPlus 3 text editor

Syntax files, autocomplete library and cliptext library for my favourite text editor EditPlus3. Included converter from Autoit bundled Scite syntax files, so you can easily keep syntax up to date. Also, simple Autoit-based installer included.


OCR script

In some programs impossible to get text from controls with standard Autoit functions. So I've made this "proof-of-concept text OCR" function: for my needs and mostly for fun. Function works ONLY with the default MS Sans Serif font and ONLY default size 8pt. And of course, thing is damn slow :) Example based on the Larry's AU3GUIXP included.

$sStr = GetTextByOCR($x, $y, $width, $textcolor)
$xHorisontal coordinate where recognition begins (better to have it closer to text). Please use Opt("PixelCoordMode", 0|1) to set this window/screen relative.
$yVertical coordinate from upper bound (window/screen) to max height of capital letters. Look for example.
$widthWidth of rectangle to recognize (smaller -> faster), height is fixed to 11 pixels.
$textcolorText color, all other colors will treats as background.
Return value(s)
$sStrRecognized string


Made by YDY (Lazycat)   Last updated: 16 July 2008